Time Out Gong Bath: Saturday 21st July 6:45pm-8pm Caversham


New Moon Gong Bath in Henley: Saturday 8th September 6-8pm



Yoga Classes Wednesdays & Thursday

 Sunday Sound Bathing: Deep Sound Immersions



Tie & Tide: Rolling Curriculum Sept 2017-July 2018


Bodymind therapies for the 21st century

Welcome. You’ve arrived at a space where you can find tried and trusted tools that will help you navigate 21st century life.

Life is fast-paced, hectic. Never seems to be enough time. We feel stuck on overdrive. Even down-time is often over-shadowed by that urge to be doing, doing, doing…This seems to be the sickness of the age.

You need to find the pause button. To create small pockets of time that allow you to breathe, to re-connect with something deep within you that sometimes seems to be drowning. A way to express yourself. A chance to come out of the busy mind and back into the body. A way back to simplicity-  to peace.

Yoga White offers experiences and spaces to do just that: we work with a toolkit of Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan); sacred sound immersion; creative meditation that harnesses the power of mantra and chant; InScribing (yogic journalling) and other energy medicine practices. We also offer these experiences to children.


Yoga White knows you’re busy!

We like to keep things simple at Yoga White: weekly classes are drop-in sessions so you can come & go as your life dictates. Or if you want to pre-book a class of 6 yoga classes you can save money with our Six-Class-Saver.

Sound baths, Yoga White workshops & events are pre-book only: you can book through Paypal here on the website, or simply phone or email us to book your place.


Holly’s yoga class is unique, there is no competition to be extra bendy or wear trendy yoga wear, just showing up is enough. You work out, but in a gentle, holistic and safe environment. Holly is a natural born teacher and communicates the ‘how’ and ‘whys’ for every movement, mantra or meditation. Best of all, Holly is a beautiful soul who has created a little yoga community of like minded people. I finally feel like I belong.

The Dwelling-Place of the Self: The Deep Inner Ocean

The second chakra is the level of consciousness of the creative self; our ability to access the inner creative waters. It is our juiciness in life and our ability to feel. If the first chakra is our groundedness, or contraction on the earth, and our ability to meet our survival needs (or not), then the second chakra is about expansion. The second chakra puts out feelers into the environment and brings back information- ‘how do I feel?’ Water is our emotional identity: our connection to the river of feeling within us.

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What are the Three Gunas?

Another good image is the see-saw. Our experiences shift back and forth from one end of the see-saw to the other- the highs and lows. High energy- slump. Slump- high energy. The ideal we strive for is balance- the middle of the see-saw. We call this neutrality in Kundalini Yoga. This is sattva guna.

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