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Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. 


I am so excited about the possibility of sharing these teachings with you! Everything that I teach is a technique that I have used myself to transform my life. They are tried and tested tools. They have carried me safely from a toxic lifestyle of addiction, depression and a chronic lack of self-esteem to one of health, wholeness and empowerment. That journey still continues.

I am on a mission to teach you to empower yourself; to deliver you to an experience of your own wisdom, power and beauty. From your first session you will begin the amazing journey towards your authentic self; towards experiencing the truth of ‘I am enough’.

My name is Holly Cole. As a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Starchild Yoga teacher, gong practitioner & secondary school teacher I have taught adults and children in various contexts over the past decade. I maintain a daily yoga practice and I write to integrate and share my experiences of life. I am also a student, and my yogic studies and training continue- so much to learn and master!

My mission is to inspire, empower and guide people towards self-knowledge. When we know ourselves, we can live our truth, and wellbeing naturally follows…at least this has been my experience.

I live what I teach and it works.

We are not aiming at perfection, as that is unattainable. We are aiming at excellence. Excellence is a state of self-mastery. It is when, repeatedly, we have unfolded and unfolded and unfolded every dark corner of ourselves until we can see how we are put together. We know who we are. And this is an ongoing journey.

Join me on the journey of coming home to yourself. Meet new people and find a like-minded tribe along the way.

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