What is Kundalini Yoga?

Yoga is about union. The drawing together of your awareness and focus into one place. Just you on your mat connecting with your breath, your body and your thoughts. Union brings you into your centre. And here at the centre you experience your own power, your creativity and your inner guidance system. We might say that yoga brings you home to yourself. When you are home you feel comfortable. At home you can be yourself.

Yoga White offers Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This is a yoga of awareness, self-acceptance and self-initiation. It is a bright and refreshing experience of postures, mantras, and breathing practices that release reservoirs of energy from within.

In addition to sound bathing, Yoga White offers three kinds of Kundalini Yoga class:

Wednesday Kundalini Yoga classes are 90 minutes. These sessions involve breathwork, warm-ups, kriyas (sequences of yoga postures), relaxation & meditation.

Sunday Gong Space are 90 minute sessions that explore the therapeutic & deeply peaceful nature of sacred sound. These classes start with a tuning-in mantra, a warm-up of gentle yoga postures, often breathwork or a short meditational focus to prepare us to immerse in the sound bath.

Yoga White Workshops & Events vary in length from 2-3 hours – weekend retreats & offer immersion in a specific aspect of yogic practice. These are advertised as special events.


The elements of a Kundalini class

Tune In: we tune-in to the Golden Chain of the teachings with a chant called the Adi Mantra to create a meditative space in which to practise

Warm-up: to warm the body, spine and muscles; to mobilise joints and get the heart rate up and have a good stretch in preparation for the kriya

Kriya or Yoga Set: this is the central sequence of yoga postures (asanas) and will differ from week-to-week. There are thousands of kriyas to choose from and your instructor will select the kriya based on the needs of the class and curriculum

Relaxation: relaxation teaches us to be still and to receive. It allows the body to process the energetic changes we have made

Meditation: the kriya prepares body and mind for meditation: meditation teaches us to find a neutral space in the busy-ness of the mind. Meditation may be silent or use mantra (repeated words), music and mudras (hand positions)

Tune Out: we close our practice with a short chant- Sat nam – as we prepare to return to the rhythm of our daily lives

A delicious blend of exercise, stretching, classic yoga postures and spirituality, all rolled into one. In this class, the best of the East has certainly come to the West.


Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

• Clear the body of tension & imbalance
• Calm & focus the mind
• Develop a conscious and loving relationship with yourself and others
• Open up to your intuition & creativity

Self-mastery is the cornerstone of Kundalini Yoga. There is no initiation by a Master or Guru. In Kundalini Yoga, we self-initiate. We learn to become self-sovereign. How? Through practice. Through showing up on our mats and experiencing the mind, the body, and the breath at work. As we practise, we begin to notice our patterns, our blocks and our limitations. And then we transcend them. The simple act of shining awareness onto them begins the process of dissolving what binds us.