Yoga White can offer you sacred sound experiences, working with the energies of four different gongs, a choir of quartz crystal bowls, drum and wind chimes.

‘Sound healing’ simply means that space is created for you to take some time out, come back into balance and recalibrate. The sound tools function as a deeply soothing presence, bathing you in sound vibrations- hence, gong ‘bathing’ or bowl ‘bathing’.

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” (Caroline Myss)

Sound healing offers a potent tool to take you into deep space where the genius of the body-mind can get to work bringing you back to wholeness.

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Holly is a gifted sound healer and her gong baths transport my busy mind into a state of calm that I cannot achieve when meditating. I simply cannot resist the gong. All I have to do is lie down, snuggle under a blanket and receive blissful sound healing – heaven!


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