What do I bring to a sound session?

  • A shawl or blanket to keep warm
  • Loose, comfy clothing
  • Socks (to keep toes cosy)

It is advisable not to eat 1-2 hours before the session

Private Gong & Sacred Sound Sessions

By appointment

Yoga White can offer you sacred sound experiences, working with the energies of four different gongs, a choir of quartz crystal bowls, drum and wind chimes. We can cater for parties, private homes, schools, places of work, ritual needs…

‘Sacred Sound’ highlights the nature of these sessions as healing space. Not sound for entertainment nor simple pleasureable time-passing, but sound married with the the intention to ‘heal’ or re-balance you. ‘Heal’ does not mean cure in this context, but is a space created for you to take some time out, come back into balance and recalibrate. The sound tools function as a deeply soothing presence, bathing you in sound vibrations- hence, gong ‘bathing’ or bowl ‘bathing’.

Have a sound bath in your own home or chosen venue. You provide the venue, I bring the gongs/ crystal bowls.

Private sound baths investment prices:

  • One-to-one 90-minute session in my space in Reading: £50
  • Up to 4 people: in your home, 90 minutes Flat rate- £80 + travel expenses
  • More than 4 people: in your home, 90 minutes £18 per person + travel expenses
  • Travel expenses if I come to you = 0.45p per mile outside Central Reading + travel time allowance dependent on distance @£5 per half hour

Contact Holly for bookings & further information

Explore the sound tools that Yoga White can offer you:


  • Chiron gong: archetype of the Wounded Healer; a vibration that helps find a way through blocks; a maverick healing energy
  • Earth ‘Year’ gong: aligns us with our mission here on Earth; grounding, nurturing. The vibration of our home planet
  • Symphonic Gong– an all-round healing gong that takes care of what needs to cleansed away
  • Venus Gong: the archetype of the Divine Feminine; a vibe of beauty, love, grace, connection to Self & others


  • A choir of crystal bowls: a potent, crystalline resonance that carries us deep into the Inner World, & penetrates the different layers of consciousness, as symbolised by the chakras


  • Shamanic Drum: the drum is the carrier; the container that transports us to the Other world so we can begin our journey into sacred space


  • Wind Chimes: the chimes are usually offered as a ‘support act’ to a sound therapy session as they provide a sweet, sparkling energy that soothes the mind & helps us to switch off

A 1-1 sound ‘bath’ is an experience that will be unique to you. Ironically, sound is used to create internal silence. We need to use the rhythm of sacred sound to create state-change & to lull us into deep stillness. Why not use silence to do this? Because we cannot be silent! When we are silent we experience the noise of mind (the ‘default mode network’). And then it is that that we watch. Sacred sound replicates the experience of primal sound- the Naad: the experience of ONG – the creative sound current of life itself. This is ‘womb sound’. By bathing in that womb sound, we touch Infinity. The sound current carries us back upstream to Source. What we experience in a sound bath is our own inner dialogue processed through the sound current.

Sound bathing also creates a pocket of time for you to experience the ability to receive fully and to practise the art of letting go into something vaster than yourself. In Kundalini Yoga, the gong forms an integral part of meditation practices.