Yoga White Extended Classes & Events

Yoga White extended classes and events explore aspects of yogic philosophy; offer experiences with sound, writing, deep meditation and immersion in Kundalini yoga…amongst other things.

BOOKING NOTE: these classes need to be pre-booked. Paypal is available on the links on the right. If you don’t do Paypal, please email or phone me to book your space. Yoga White will only refund pre-booked classes at our discretion.


Thursday 21st December 7-11pm


A Solstice Sound Immersion from WhiteSpace: with Holly Cole & Paul Dane

The Winter Solstice marks one of the pivot points of the year with the shortest day & the longest night: Midwinter is the gateway to the returning light. Symbolically, Solstice is a time of re-birth & of welcoming the return of the Sun. It represents renewal of hope, birth of new dreams & reconnection to our own Inner Sun power. These symbols are venerated & embedded in the Christmas narratives.

Featuring 6 gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and other sources of sacred sound, this candlelit sound immersion comes at a potent time to set intentions, gather in community and allow the power of sacred sound to carry you across this energetic portal.

As usual space is limited and we expect demand to be high. Tickets will not be available at the door. So if you do want to be a part of this wonderfully renewing experience then please book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Venue: Arborfield Village Hall, Arborfield Cross, Reading, RG2 9PQ

Harnessing the Power of Word

A Weekend Retreat, The Abbey, Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire
16th-18th February 2018


In the practice of Kundalini Yoga, speech is sometimes represented as a goddess who is known as Shakti or the Devi of Speech. The Devi of Speech has the power to bring understanding & insights. She is the bridge that connects us to what is happening within & what is manifesting outwardly.” Swami Sivananda Radha

This retreat weekend offers an opportunity to explore the concept of speech or word in Kundalini Yoga and beyond: how we can harness the power of word & sound through mantra, chant, journalling, the vibration of name, and sacred sound as Divine Word. Explore rich, ancient practices that deliver potency for change, deep comfort & profound peace. 

What can I expect?

  • Friday night is a gathering, welcoming & intention-setting session where we gather the group through mantra meditation
  • Saturday offers morning yoga & meditation, 2 core teaching sessions (why we use mantra/ how we use mantra/ working with yogic journalling) & an evening gathering
  • Sunday offers morning yoga & meditation, a teaching session on the tradition & use of ‘spiritual names’ & a deeply healing closing ritual
  • Take-home practices to explore & deepen your relationship to Self

Note: Sessions are based on Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan but draw in from broader yogic teachings & energy medicine practices

Our setting for the weekend will be the restful, historic & atmospheric Abbey at Sutton Courtenay; the peaceful home of a small live-in community. Come explore, hang out, eat good food, walk in the grounds, rest & play! The weekend is your time to be nurtured in gentle community, share collective wisdom & dip in & out of the profound practices on offer.

Investment: £295 per person

The investment includes:

  • Single room accomodation in single/ twin rooms
  • Access to all  teaching sessions
  • Food & catering- supper on Friday/ 3 meals on Saturday/ Breakfast & lunch on Sunday

How do I book?

To secure your space, a non-refundable £50 deposit will be paid up front. The remaining balance to be paid by 17th January 2018.

Please contact Holly for booking, queries or more information: 0118 931 3138

No previous yoga experience needed



I have attended Holly’s classes, workshops, gong baths and retreats with a passion!  I will be eternally grateful to her for “being the lighthouse”, the illuminated one, who has guided me to the amazing path of Kundalini Yoga.  She is an incredible being; she is knowledgeable, genuine, truthful, sincere, kind and blessed.  Her knowledge of “all things yoga” is so vast, and she has so much information to pass on during classes that I often take a notepad and pen!  Thank you Holly.

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”  – Saint Francis of Assisi.