Eagle Medicine



“You believe the woman is a doormat. I believe woman is the door to God. You believe woman is the chick and I believe she is the eagle. Her sway and her grace is keeping the Earth in its own place.” (Yogi Bhajan 1984)

Eagle Medicine is a new Yoga White project: it is a journey into sacred living using transformational tools rooted in Kundalini Yoga but extending beyond into art, sound, Jungian therapeutic techniques and shadow work, journalling and witnessing to one another.

As a therapist once said- there is too much wounding in the world for therapy alone. It requires imagination and creativity.

And I would add that it needs tribe to witness to our wounds, our healings, our genius and our journey into becoming a fully conscious person. The Eagle Medicine project will offer workshops and weekend retreats tailored to the feminine journey to self-knowledge and self-empowerment.

Please watch this space for upcoming events.