Eagle Medicine



Eagle Medicine is a new Yoga White project: it is a journey into sacred living using transformational tools rooted in Kundalini Yoga but extending beyond into art, sound, Jungian therapeutic techniques and shadow work, journalling and witnessing to one another. As a therapist once said- there is too much wounding in the world for therapy alone. It requires imagination and creativity. And I would add that it needs tribe to witness to our wounds, our healings, our genius and our journey into becoming a fully conscious person. The Eagle Medicine project will offer classes, workshops and retreats tailored to the Soul’s journey to self-knowledge and self-empowerment.

Eagle Medicine is centred on 2 key premises:

  1. The eagle is a powerful symbol: she represents the ability to rise up, to fly and see with clear vision from a higher altitude, a higher perspective: she is a potent symbol of the realm of Spirit, of inner guidance and inner knowing. A life lived with wings- fuelled by passion, the priceless guidance of knowing who we are, and riding the Flow of life’s thermals so that we may move and glide effortlessly…
  2. Her two wings represent cultivating contentment in our inner world, and expressing that outwardly as compassion to all beings.

And four core principles:

The Sacred Container: this energy work is gently upheld by the principle that we can only mend, heal and become whole when we embrace our Wholeness- our light and shadow: when we can own all parts of ourselves. Eagle medicine creates a container for that exploration.

The Practices and Tools: coming to know who we are and how we can best serve in the world requires focus, energy and intention. There is housework to be done! To welcome in the new we need to do away with what is stagnant. Eagle Medicine offers a host of tools and practices to achieve this. Rooted in Kundalini Yoga and overflowing into journalling work, art therapy, Yin practices, sacred sound, ritual and connecting with others, we can find our path to the realest version of who we are.

Tribe & Witness: most of our deepest needs around self-esteem and belonging involve being seen, heard, witnessed and appreciated. Eagle Medicine hopes to provide witness to your journey: the intention is that a community, or tribe, wil begin to gather and support one another.

Sacred Nature: this is the principle that life is sacred. Each breath is a gift: we are so immersed in wonder that we fail to see it. Eagle Medicine aims to restore the path to wonder that we had as children. To re-ritualise and re-sacralise life so that we move through every facet of our lives as if honouring Life Herself. Here we explore how we might move, breathe, eat, show up and speak in ways that truly honour Self and Other.


Please watch this space as this new project begins to germinate & I best figure out how to deliver it to the world. Your thoughts are always welcome.