Saturday Early-Bird Class-

Reading 7:30-9am

Watlington House (Garden Room), 44 Watlington Street, Reading RG1 4RJ

Parking available on site

DIRECTIONS FOR PARKING: On South Street, follow the long garden wall, enter through wooden gates into the private car park. Park anywhere (ignore the company names on the parking spaces). The session is held in the garden room, not the main house

Saturday is the Day of Saturn, the planet who symbolises Fate, father Time, structure, & cold, hard reality. Saturn is the archetype of restriction, karma, time, constraint & balance. This is a great day to meditate, emotionally rebalance & to strengthen the aura. This class offers Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan but with a greater emphasis on meditation (22-31 minute meditations) so we can work in flow with these ‘Saturn’ energies.

Yogi Bhajan says of Saturn: “The planet Saturn is the only planet with rings. The rings provide limitation and constriction. The Saturn teacher is all about discipline…His role is to give the discipline and the limits.  It is through limitation that we gather our strength and become potent and powerful.



Holly’s early morning Saturday yoga class with her focus on mantra sets me up for the weekend. Early morning yoga is lovely for waking up with stretches and deep breathing. I leave feeling refreshed and balanced after a hectic week, my concentration levels are better and my day is much more productive leaving more time for me.

Thank you Holly, you are awesome!


What do I bring to class?

  • A yoga mat, blanket or sheepskin to sit on
  • A shawl or blanket to keep warm
  • Loose, comfy clothing
  • Socks (to keep toes cosy during meditation)
  • Water bottle (water is available at class)

For a morning class, take a light breakfast, preferably no caffeine: feast afterwards!