What is a sound bath & how can it benefit me?






Yoga White works with suspended chau gongs- also known as tam-tams; these are commonly seen in use by orchestras and are a round dish-shaped disc of bronze alloy. There are a huge variety of gongs; Yoga White works with a symphonic all round-healing gong and a ‘Venus gong‘- designed to bring balance, grace and a spiritual union with Self.

“Gong baths can help with physical, mental or spiritual problems by bringing about the transition of cellular realignment through the medium of sound. The pure penetrating sound waves of the healing gong will enable you to break free of old patterns and regenerate and re-balance yourself. Working within all the parameters of the body there is nowhere that the resonance of the healing gong cannot penetrate.” Mark Swan– gong master

For detailed information about how gongs are made: http://www.sound-gong-bath.co.uk/gong

For a synopsis on the history of gongs: http://www.paistegongs.com/history.php

What is a sound bath & how can it benefit me?

Sound is potent. It has the potential to annoy us, wreck a good night’s sleep, and create a visceral reaction from us even. Just think of fingernails on chalkboards! But sound also has the power to calm us, soothe us and lull us into altered states.

The Ancients knew this. In Kundalini Yoga we work with sound in the form of gong and mantra to have an effect on the body-mind. This kind of ‘sound’ is known as naad. Working with sacred sound as a means of connection to the Ground of Being is known as Naad Yoga.

Naad means the ‘essence of all sound’. The naad is the substance or ground of being from which all sound arises. By sound, we mean words, music, and any sonic vibration. The naad is the parent, the great ancestor of all sound.

The great ancestor of all sound is experienced in the power of the Gong.

“The gong is very simple. It is an inter-vibratory system. It is the sound of Creativity itself. The gong is nothing more, nothing less. One who plays the gong plays the universe. The gong is not an ordinary thing to play. Out of it came all music, all sounds, and all words.” Yogi Bhajan
The gong can transform us.
In the same way, working with Quartz Crystal Bowls also can deliver us to state-change: or, as beautifully put by Elena Brower-
“…the resonance of the bowls seems to grow our interior spaces.”

Sound baths are time-out sessions where you are immersed in sacred sound: you are literally bathing in sound waves produced by these potent instruments.

For an interesting article on Crystal Bowls please click.

The effects of sound bathing

In energy medicine terms, sound begins to clear the gutters of the body & its energy fields: why do they need clearing? Our body is a matrix of energy channels- or nadis- that flow with life-force energy (prana or chi). When the channels become blocked, energy fails to flow- just like that blocked gutter on your house. By applying gentle pressure to the channels (here in the form of sound) they clear. Energy flows freely once again. Wellbeing is restored. The bodymind is ‘irrigated’ & the result is deep peace.

What happens at a typical sound bath?

You are invited to create a cosy space on the floor to relax on (chairs are always available for any back issues). People bring warm blankets, loose clothing, cushions & warm socks.

  • We begin by stilling ourselves to create an intention for the session.
  • Gentle stretching & breathwork are used to relax the body & down-regulate the nervous system to prepare the ‘soil’ of the body to receive the sound
  • You lie down & are led in guided visualisation into deep relaxation
  • In a mixed bowl & gong bath, the bowls are played for about 20 minutes & the gong is also played for about 20 minutes.
  • In a pure gong bath, the gong is played for about 40 minutes.
  • You are brought up out of deep relaxation
  • Tea & ayurvedic snacks are served afterwards



Quartz crystal singing bowls are used as a form of sound therapy: like any sound healing, they work on the principle that the body is an instrument. The instrument of the body can be de-tuned by many factors- lifestyle, stress, ill-health, environment, trauma & crises…and so on. By applying pure tones of sound, according to the principle of sound therapy, we can re-tune the body to bring it back into balance.


Sound baths alone offer a potent tool in your journey of self-knowledge & recalibration. But when coupled with the dynamic tides of the moon they amplify the changes we may wish to make.


The new moon represents the dark cave of the psyche. It is a space in which we can dig deep into dark soils, weed out the inner space by forgiving, releasing grudges & honouring the good in our lives. What do I want to align with this month? What do I want to birth into Light?

Allow sacred sound to relax you deeply & to re-tune the subtle energies of the body. Into clear space we can plant the new.


The full moon is the high tide mark of the psyche. We feel the pull upward; the emotions & psychic waters rise. The full moon illuminates what the high tide brings in. What is rubbish? What is treasure? A time to release & clear out.

Allow the balance of quartz bowls & gong- elements of earth & metal- to sift & shake out the debris that needs releasing so that the gold of what is real for you remains.