Starchild Yoga

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Starchild Yoga is a unique form of yoga designed for young people. Yoga White offers Starchild Yoga classes both in preschool/school environments & privately.

I am a Secondary trained teacher who has been working in schools for 13 years. My safeguarding training is updated every academic year and I am DBS checked. I have worked with a variety of children over the years, including children with Special Educational Needs. Please click here to see my educational credentials.

imageWhat is Starchild Yoga?

Starchild Yoga is the brainchild of senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Siri Arti, who is based in Berkshire, UK. I trained with her in 2015 & am qualified to teach Starchild Yoga to children from 2-18 year olds. Starchild is a wonderful mix of Kundalini Yoga adapted for young people & is founded on the principles of Montessori education.

“Free the child’s potential & you will transform him into the world.” Maria Montessori

SYTT_CERTIFIED_whiteStarchild Yoga aims to develop the whole child & create a safe space in which the child can explore posture, play with movement, make friends with their body & express themselves through motion. It encourages movement but also stillness, allowing young people to be comfortable with simply being. Yoga classes develop good listening- both to others & to the teacher, but also to the inner voice.

What happens in a children’s yoga class?

Sessions vary according to age groups but each class has a basic structure.

Welcome & forum: we work in a circle (space-permitting) and each young person is welcomed to the group. Often a short forum is opened up- especially with older students- to enable brief discussion of a topic that comes up. Younger students use a talking ball to encourage listening skills & turn-taking.

Connection & warm-ups: we work with breath techniques to become present & we warm up the body using yoga moves & movement games.

Main yoga set: here we explore classic ‘asanas’ or yoga postures.

Relaxation: students have a chance for some deep relaxation here, often using music & guided visualisation.

Meditation: The session closes with meditation techniques; this section encourages stillness, breath awareness & how to physically slow down & relax the mind.

Six Reasons why Kids should be doing yoga

girl-child-children-kid-surf-beachYoga is mindfulness in action: there is a lot of focus on mindfulness in schools right now. This is great, but mindfulness is simply one strand of a much richer tapestry of skills that yoga offers. Yoga offers an holistic practice that brings together movement in the body, breath awareness & teaches tools for self-relaxation.

Yoga increases confidence, self-esteem & encourages exploration. Clearly, these aspects have a knock-on effect in the classroom as children begin to trust their ideas, their voices & opinions.

Yoga offers tools for stress management: we explore & learn techniques for dealing with stress, peer pressure & academic pressure.

Yoga develops body awareness, co-ordination & balance: yoga begins the process of self-exploration of the body in a healthy way & in a non-competitive group environment.

Yoga encourages self-acceptance & compassion: yoga classes actively explore the core values of kindness, patience & compassion, reinforcing key values that underlie the ethos of the school.

Yoga can provide an alternative to tuning out through constant attachment to electronic devices. On the home-front, this means that young people can develop an awareness of their behaviours around gadgets, & how their time is spent. The knock-on effect can be better sleeping habits, less tiredness & hence better engagement in the classroom.

“It’s hard to be a kid today.

Children deal with many distractions, temptations, overstimulation and peer pressure. Schools are challenged to do more with less and be creative in how they reach even the most isolated child.

Yoga is a low-cost, helpful tool that can have a positive impact on children.” Yoga Journal


I have noticed that some of the children talk through the week about yoga, anticipating it. Several parents have mentioned that their children talk about yoga at home. One parent said that she was intending to investigate yoga classes for her child outside of yoga, such is the interest. Holly is great and manages the children beautifully, keeping the session moving calmly while holding the children’s interests. I wholly recommend this lovely session and teacher.


The children get excited when they see Holly arriving at nursery. She is always happy to see them and some like to show her the yoga poses they have learned from the previous session, before the mats have even been unrolled! Holly manages the class well, holding the children’s interest for the duration. She adapts the session to the children’s activity levels, allowing a release of energy, if needed, with some active moves to begin. The children thoroughly enjoy the yoga class and look forward to Holly’s next visit.