Month Ahead

 Sunday 9th June: Crystal Bowls

Saturday 15th June 5-7pm: HENLEY GONG

Sunday 16th June: Chiron Gong

Sunday 23rd June: Earth Gong


What do I bring?

KIT: Please bring a yoga mat/ rug, warm socks, a blanket or shawl, a water bottle & a cushion/zafu for sitting.Bring more warm things than you think you need.
No kit is provided at this class

Who is this class for?

Anyone who wants to bring change into their lives, or to develop inner power. These practices are potent. They are tools made for these times. They develop in us a resilience and a grit that help us power through the challenges of life. These classes are an opportunity for coming to know yourself.

They are also an opportunity to meet a tribe of like-minded people who are also on that journey of exploring their potential.

Kundalini Yoga has changed my life in many aspects, I enjoy the classes very much and I feel grateful for having such a wonderful teacher. Holly has something special that attracts you, you can tell she loves teaching, her classes are well-prepared and very spiritual. Simply the way she gives instructions or shares her knowledge which make you learn is something that I highly recommend. She is love, she is amazing. 

Patricia Serrano

Sunday Gong Space

9:30-11am   Drop-in £12 on the door

Watlington House (Garden Room), 44 Watlington Street, Reading RG1 4RJ

Parking available on site

DIRECTIONS FOR PARKING: On South Street, follow the long garden wall, enter through wooden gates into the private car park. Park anywhere (ignore the company names on the parking spaces). The session is held in the garden room, not the main house

What is this class?

These 90-minute sessions are an opportunity to experience the power of immersing ourselves in sound to induce relaxation, inner stillness and peace. In a typical session, we open the space using mantra; we work with breath techniques to enable relaxation, sometimes use of mantra to create an energetic sound current (naad); gentle yoga moves prepare the bodymind to receive sound; then we apply sound in the form of gong, soemtimes accompanied by quartz crystal bowls, drum, chimes and voice.

A sound bath is an experience that will be unique to you. Ironically, sound is used to create internal silence. We need to use the rhythm of sacred sound to create state-change & to lull us into deep stillness. Why not use silence to do this? Because we cannot be silent! When we are silent we experience the noise of mind (the ‘default mode network’). And then it is that that we watch. Sacred sound replicates the experience of primal sound- the Naad: the experience of ONG – the creative sound current of life itself. This is ‘womb sound’. By bathing in that womb sound, we touch Infinity. The sound current carries us back upstream to Source. What we experience in a sound bath is our own inner dialogue processed through the sound current.

Sound bathing also creates a pocket of time for you to experience the ability to receive fully and to practise the art of letting go into something vaster than yourself. In Kundalini Yoga, the gong forms an integral part of meditation practices.

How is this class different to the monthly sound baths in Henley?

Henley sound baths are centred around the rhythms of the moon, and are delivered with the monthly astrology in mind. Henley sessions are a 2-hour immersion, with tea & snacks served after the session. The core of both practices is the same- sound immersion, but Sunday sessions offer a weekly opportunity to connect to sacred sound.


How can sound or meditation deliver me to peace?

Sunday classes are a time for working with spiritual practices that deliver us to a space of peace, intuitive ease, bliss and stillness. In yogic terms, this is called sahaj – effortless serenity.

Sahaj means ‘having been born together’ (like human twins). It refers to the nature of a human being; we are born into the world with a sense of an innate twin energy. We are both physical presence (the body + personality + ego) but twinned with a deep inner knowing (the Divine or Higher Self). When we are perfectly balanced between the twin energies, we are moving & operating in the world from the anchor, or wellspring, of the Divine source. It is the wisdom in the container of Inner Knowing that informs us & propels us to act. Sahaj is the space of the Self, shorn of its conditioning, adhesions & accretions. It is the sanctuary of the soul.

But…life is busy, noisy, heavily-laden & with many distractions. How do we find this illusive space of serenity?

Those spiritual teachers & practitioners who have gone before us have left us maps! We can only access the abode of sahaj when we get quiet enough & still enough to enter into that shrine of deep peace. It is located within our depths. Meditation techniques- including the use of sound & chanting- are the keys to unlock the door to serenity.