Wednesday Yoga



Do I need yoga experience to come to class?

No previous yoga experience is needed: you will access each class in response to the needs of your bodymind on any given day. Yoga is non-competitive & participation is about mindful movement, grace and flow: we learn to honour our limitations as well as our strengths. Simply come and have an experience!


aab6656a-9793-41d7-a62d-2383d6483cdaYoga White runs drop-in classes: we recognise how busy you all are & that you can’t always commit to that Wednesday or Thursday slot.
But we also recognise that some of you do commit to a course or a weekly practice and so Yoga White is offering a new way to book for classes & to recognise that commitment with Six-Class-Saver.
What is it?
Drop-in classes are £12 so six classes cost you £72.
The Six-Class-Saver is a pre-payment for 6 classes at £64- a saving of £8.
How does it work?
You pre-pay for six classes on the website (using Paypal) or by cheque/ cash at class.
You are then given personalised Yoga White vouchers. When you come to class you simply put your voucher in the pot instead of cash.
What if I miss a class?
Your vouchers will be valid for 2 months from the date of buying them so you have 8 weeks in which to use them up. After that use-by date they are no longer valid.
Can I use them at any other classes?
Yes. Your vouchers are valid for all £12 Yoga White sessions.
A present with a difference…
Why not buy a Six-Class-Saver for a friend?

Wednesday Yoga- Reading


Christ Church, Christchurch Road, Reading, Berkshire RG2 7AB

£12 Drop-in class
Parking available on site outside church
Note: the class is in the side room of the church: when standing in front of the large wooden entrance doors, go round to the right & enter via the side door

I love Holly’s classes. Her attitude and sense of humour are infectious, and I would seriously love two or three classes per week.  Additionally, the weekly yoga class is often structured around short courses focusing on a certain theme, element or outcome.  This gives a great sense of design, and indeed, achievement.  Thanks Holly!


What do I bring to class?

  • A yoga mat, blanket or sheepskin to sit on
  • A shawl or blanket to keep warm
  • Loose, comfy clothing
  • Socks (to keep toes cosy during meditation)
  • Water bottle (water is available at class)

It is advisable not to eat 2-3 hours before class


The Head Bows to the Heart       

Course begins 7th November

An eleven-week Kundalini Yoga and Meditation course to explore the facets and symbolic expressions of the ‘heart’.

The heart is a physical organ in the body that rules over the circulation of blood and oxygen, and the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide. We all know this. But in yoga- and energy medicine practices- the heart is symbolic of our capacity to love unconditionally. In Sanskrit, the heart centre is called anahata: this means ‘unstruck’. This points to the idea of something pulsing away of its own accord, unstarted, uninitiated and ever-present.

The heart represents our deepest drive to evolve and become more and more self-aware. In yogic terminology, this idea is expressed as bhakti- or devotion: bhakti is our response to the nature of life and consciousness. When we allow ourselves to transcend our minds, even for a short time, we feel the flow of life itself within us. Our only authentic, and natural, response is to bow to our heads to this extraordinary experience of being alive! Life is a gift freely given. We have not earned it, nor worked for it, nor bought it.

We are gifted with Consciousness without condition. When we feel the majesty of this state of being, we are swept aside by it; all our beliefs, systems and definitions of self are simply dissolved into the miraculous current of Life. It is as if we move from sitting on the edge of the river watching the waters- and formulating theories about how and why the water is here; how best to make it move; how we might harness it…and so on, to actually getting into the river and seeing where it carries us!

When we leap into the river and flow with it we are in the kingdom of the Heart. The Heart expresses itself in many ways- with wisdom; with courage; with purity; with generosity and so on. In this course we will explore and experience the various expressions of the heart through yoga and meditation.

All welcome: no previous yoga experience required. These classes are designed with progression in mind but are drop-in classes so you can come & go as you please!