Yoga White One-to-One


Yoga White One-to-One Sessions

Perhaps you want to go deeper than in a class setting. Perhaps you want a yoga session that is tailored to your personal needs. Or maybe you want to learn more about specific aspects of yoga in greater depth. One-to-One sessions can meet that need.

Kundalini Yoga offers a vast array of tools to help you meet the needs of your unique journey, including:

  • Yoga postures (asanas)
  • Breathwork for health & vitality
  • Personalised meditations
  • Sound healing
  • Hands on healing (Sat nam Rasayan)

How does One-to-One work?

We discuss your specific needs & tailor a session for you. Your individual session may take the format of a regular Kundalini Yoga class for one; it may be specific asanas with a gong bath; it may be a full meditation session, or a timeout for deep hands-on healing.


  • One-to-One sessions are 60-90 minutes long, depending on the structure of the session, either at my home or yours.
  • £60 for a 60-90 minute session: couples special £80 for a 60-90 minute session
  • Outside Central Reading travel expenses at 0.45p per mile + travel time allowance dependent on distance @£5 per half hour

“I have seen Holly for several 1:1 sessions and the benefits to my wellbeing have been enormous.  Holly is incredibly intuitive and caring and manages to tailor-make her sessions with a unique combination of kundalini yoga sequences, breath work, healing and the soothing sounds of the gong.  Before each session she spends time reflecting on what she feels will be of most benefit and, in collaboration with me, the format of each session unfolds.  Holly is not only a truly gifted teacher and healer but she is also completely trustworthy and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Like unto an unbaked earthen pot thrown in water, the body is soon decayed (in this world). Bake it hard in the fire of yoga in order to strengthen and purify the body.

Gheranda Samita, Yoga Text