Thursday Yoga

Do I need yoga experience to come to class?

No previous yoga experience is needed: you will access each class in response to the needs of your bodymind on any given day. Yoga is non-competitive & participation is about mindful movement, grace and flow: we learn to honour our limitations as well as our strengths. Simply come and have an experience!

I have attended Holly’s classes, workshops, gong baths and retreats with a passion !  I will be eternally grateful to her for “being the lighthouse”, the illuminated one, who has guided me to the amazing path of Kundalini Yoga.  She is an incredible being, she is knowledgeable, genuine, truthful, sincere, kind and blessed.  Her knowledge of “all things yoga” is so vast, and she has so much information to pass on during classes that I often take a notepad and pen!  Thank you Holly.  


Thursday Yoga – Caversham


Aroma House, 3-5 Cremyll Rd, Reading RG1 8NQ

£12 drop-in class

Parking available outside the venue


TIME & TIDE: ongoing course until Summer 2018

In almost all wisdom traditions time, & thus life itself, is depicted as a wheel: the wheel metaphor allows for the cyclical nature of life- the rolling seasons, the shifting weather, the cycle of aging, the wheeling of planets & stars, fertility cycles, the arc of birth & death, the turning of the wheel of the year and so on.

Often we think of time as linear; it is how we experience it. One year follows another. One event follows another. Life feels like a spool of wool flung out into the void.

But we know life is paradoxical: yoga teaches us that life is never either/or (what we call dualistic thinking); life is experienced as both/and. Two seemingly opposite things can sit alongside one another in harmony. Yoga practices aim to bring us to this balance point between opposites. This balance is depicted in symbols such as the yin-yang, the image of Shiva-Shakti, and the Mayan Hunab Ku.

So we dwell in paradox: within a cyclical universe that ebbs and flows with energy currents, and within a linear flow that is like the sea coming in and going out, marking time with horizontal flow.

This academic year (September-July) Yoga White classes will explore the ebb & flow of life energies by honouring the wisdom gleaned from Kundalini Yoga’s ‘Humanology’ teachings, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and astrology.*

Classes will be designed to flow with the prevalent energy of each season; teaching you how to tap these shifting energies to create harmony in your life. We will explore such things as:

  • the progression of ‘elements’ throughout the year
  • the ‘organs’ connected to the seasons & what foods best support you in each season
  • the numerology of the months & choosing meditation to support that energetic quality
  • how to change yoga practices in each season & tweak your lifestyle accordingly
  • how to work with & harness planetary energies
  • how to honour the smaller cyclical seasons in our own lives
  • using colour to enhance the season

*Note: I am not ‘qualified’ in Chinese medicine, astrology or Ayurveda but read widely on these subjects & take deep interest in how they overlap with yogic practices & philosophy

All welcome: no previous yoga experience required. These classes are designed with progression in mind but are drop-in classes so you can come & go as you please!

What do I bring to class?

  • A yoga mat, blanket or sheepskin to sit on
  • A shawl or blanket to keep warm
  • Loose, comfy clothing
  • Socks (to keep toes cosy during meditation)
  • Water bottle (water is available at class)

It is advisable not to eat 1-2 hours before class