The Dwelling-Place of the Self: The Deep Inner Ocean

The second chakra is the level of consciousness of the creative self; our ability to access the inner creative waters. It is our juiciness in life and our ability to feel. If the first chakra is our groundedness, or contraction on the earth, and our ability to meet our survival needs (or not), then the second chakra is about expansion. The second chakra puts out feelers into the environment and brings back information- ‘how do I feel?’ Water is our emotional identity: our connection to the river of feeling within us.

What are the Three Gunas?

Another good image is the see-saw. Our experiences shift back and forth from one end of the see-saw to the other- the highs and lows. High energy- slump. Slump- high energy. The ideal we strive for is balance- the middle of the see-saw. We call this neutrality in Kundalini Yoga. This is sattva guna.

The Way of The Warrior-Saint: To Love Without Condition

In summary? Clear out the crap in your heart- with compassion- so that the new comes in. Make space for the Great Mystery to enter in. Call it what you will. It’s just waiting for an invite. And It’s house-warming gift? Unconditional Love.

The Way of the Warrior-Saint: The Path of Devotion- Īśvarapraṇidhāna

Without delving too deeply into any theology, yoga presupposes a Light that illuminates from beyond: the Ishvara- the Ground of Being. That Ground of Being is a mirror of earthly ‘ground’. It is a deep and richly nutritious soil that upholds us, feeds us, grows us and, of course, receives us when our time is done. Yoga helps us touch that Reality and develop an unshakeable faith in the magic that flows through all life-forms.

The Way of the Warrior-Saint: The Path of Self-Control- Tapas

When we begin to sense and dwell in Soul Nature, we move into a sattvic (pure) state. This is the realm of the Neutral Mind . This is a space from where we can choose to act, and not react. Where we harness our power to be used as we choose. We decide how to spend our energy here. This is a potent place to be and is the result of the development of tapas.